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Home electronics LAB in 20$? items needed

Why  to setup a lab at home / room ? 

  1.  Very deep learning on the projects of your choice : you can learn at your pace , take useful  or interesting projects , u can share to youtube / eleectronics groups improve design 
  2. All inventors and top Engineers have a LAB : 
         for many people clearing exams is end of learning! But the books teach a very limited 
         practical things , so need to experiment and go deep
How big lab is good for me 

  Not too big ! Well there is  a choice budget vs facilities

  A) A cutdown version lab dont mean useless .example

  A solder iron , Lead 2 cutter , 5 verro boards , 5 piece 555ic 20 transistors and 40 capacitor , few coils fron damaged CFLs
  a USB sound card ( to be used a oscillascope ) . 700Rs LAB will teach the electronics oscillators
 and RC time consstants , filters

A decent lab must have a oscillascope


A better multimeter : MECO / MASTECH : 900RS
Cutter and pcb Making tools :: 370Rs
USB sound card  70Rs  : via aliexpress
Parts via aliexpress 1500Rs -- include common transistors , capacitors 4 variety
resi , diode , digital ICs , motr drive ic ,power ic ,DCDC converter ic , ampli , MOsfets

what to do as  i dont get the parts at ASSAM or my native town

 This is very common , but  you can imagine even  the  top companies donot have parts at all the time .So make a parts library

 go Electroncomponents dot com  , this is one site to get parts at reseanable rate

 a) Buy all value LCR , IC and transistors tools  , power supply and other items
 b)take just 2 projects and buy all parts for that as well

 Remember to consider these option :
 1) buy / make  the case
 2)all screw and nuts you need ( locally u can get )
 3)needed power section
  i suggest 12v LED driver as 12v  input , Not that 0-12trans formers
 this saves space and also the making gets fast as fitting of the same is very easy


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you said Joule Thief?

you said Joule Thief? you said Joule Thief? 

It’s a little wisp of a circuit that allows you to drive aPOWER  LED from a low voltage. Normally, if you want to light up a blue or white LED you need to provide it with 3 – 3.5 V, like from a 3 V lithium coin cell.

But the magic of JT is  a 1.5 V battery like a AA cell simply will work. 
Easy make  Joule Thief,  works like a charm. Not only does it work with a brand new battery, but it works until the battery is nearly dead– down to 0.3 V. 

That’s well below the point where your other toys will tell you the battery is dead, so it can steal every last joule of energy from the battery (hence the name).

how about a cellphone charger , yes it is doable , we are here to give you  a usable tested diagram .

get  the ring toroid from a OLD smps of pc ! 

Home for everyone ! DIY enclosure for circuits

We at SELABs yet at proto stage , some protos have  been finalized but leaving the circuit naked and casing are two things .
 The casing is 30% extra task .
 Remember projects without box gets damaged or lost .

 You are an Engineer not a craftman so dont go buying all tools , dremels needed but cost Rs 4000 to 8000. For starters they are not a must .

 To make the DIY enclosure for circuits you will need

Fasteners : 3 sizes 3mm//4mm length screw and nut pars : Buy a lot Drill and file and hecksaw : these are tools of trade . drill are there in tolexo dot com for 600Rs Round and flat file needed too .  A cheapo soldering to melt away plastic, A nail file to heat and cut plastic  Acrylic cutters : in case making from acrylic , I recommend a acrylic cutter 100RS or so in amazon    Needed knobs and sockets to be bought in aliexpress , it is the  better way    dc sockets : 20Nos    plugs : 20    audio sockets and jack 20pair    Knobs 50   3pdt _ for guitar padels 10Nox or 20 in Pack 
Tips t…