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MakeInAxom: inverters reaching to villages OCT2017

We were covered in

Who made the case ?
 Well I have handmande every case . Used strongest resin glue for front panel .
 The cabinets have  a screwless look and sleek feel . Here is a real image :

  Many months of research for low cost inverter has given proven results . As I approached the poor to deliver 11-12hours of full light via a inverter the response was phenomenal .

Faults issues and more fixes .........

Do the inverter have issues ? yes as of now 2 issue exist

1)if there is heavy spark at load the backEMF  fries the low cut chip

2)no load voltage shoots to 400V so may fry few LEds but is the bulbs are secured they
are not of that big concern  , the mass delivery version will have the fixes for these .