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MakeInAxom: inverters reaching to villages OCT2017

We were covered in

Who made the case ?
 Well I have handmande every case . Used strongest resin glue for front panel .
 The cabinets have  a screwless look and sleek feel . Here is a real image :

  Many months of research for low cost inverter has given proven results . As I approached the poor to deliver 11-12hours of full light via a inverter the response was phenomenal .

Faults issues and more fixes .........

Do the inverter have issues ? yes as of now 2 issue exist

1)if there is heavy spark at load the backEMF  fries the low cut chip

2)no load voltage shoots to 400V so may fry few LEds but is the bulbs are secured they
are not of that big concern  , the mass delivery version will have the fixes for these .

Recent posts

projects:Designing a cut off 12V charger with TL431

About TL431   :

The TL430, was introduced as an adjustable shunt regulator in 1976 by  Texas Instruments.

The TL431 was created as an improvement to TL430 with better accuracy and stability and was called a precision adjustable shunt regulator. The TL431 was announced as a future product in 1977 and launched in 1978
The TL431 is a three-terminal adjustable regulator series with a guaranteed thermal stability over applicable temperature ranges. The output voltage may be set to any value between VREF (approximately 2.5 volts) and 36 volts with two external resistors These devices have a typical dynamic output impedance of 0.2Ω. Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devices excel lent replacement for zener diodes in many applications.
Lets use the voltage calculator tool:

Link :

circuitbasics :আইচি বোৰৰ পিন কেনেকে উলিয়াবা

Open up a television or a radio and you'll see many parts that it's built around a printed circuit board (PCB): a bit like an electric street-layout with small circuit components (such as resistors and capacitors) in place of the buildings and printed copper connections linking them together like miniature metal streets. Circuit boards are fine in small appliances like this, but if you try to use the same tricks alike to build a complex electronic machine, such as a computer, you quickly hit a snag. 
So to get the  best of the small space IC or 
integrated circuit

Lets learn how to get the pins to follow a circuit diagram 

This is 555 EGG timer  it will shut off egg heater after time delay or it will BUZZ 

Lets  find the  pins of the IC ! 

555timer টোৰ পিন দেখাইছো , কাত তোৰে বাওঁপিনে ১নং পিন ... তাৰ পৰা ২,৩,৪...
একে দৰে CD4017(runing led IC) টোত পিন দেখিবা
কেতবোৰ আইছি দে…

BITCOIN কিনি ধনী হওঁক ৩০দিনত

BITCOIN electronic 'CRYPTO'currencyসেই টকা পইচাৰ মুদ্ৰাৰ সলনি বিতকইন আহিছে .... ইয়াৰ বাবে কোনো বেংক

নাই কোনো দেশৰ চৰকাৰ কন্ত্ৰল নাই সেইবাবে ইয়াক পঠাই দিওতে  টেক্চ হিচাবত কনমানো কাত 
নাজায় ।

Why know about bitcoin ?
The digital money trade is steadily heading towards immersion in the North American and European markets. One of the significant drivers of the market has been opportunity from keeping money wallet from hidden taxes and easy to open and keep up a financial balance that is fast raising . The immature managing an account framework in Asia and African market, conversely, fundamentally higher development chances to digital money exchanging stages. While a considerable measure of digital money trade organizations done recent quarter on more immersed Western market, the push to promote bitcoins in Asia and Africa obviously after that wannacry event .
১লাখ টকা বিতকইন এবছৰ আগৰ এতিয়া ৪লাখ হৈছে

recent reports AUG -OCT : 

1bitcoin =1.81Lakh rupees (1Aug) 

370360.69 Indian Rupee(TODAY …

GALAXY NOTE 8 is way ahead of iPHONE8

Many  features of note8 that pushes IPHONE 8 tobe a failure. In india the iphone8 sales and bookings registered too low, they blame it on iphone x. But reality is lack of innovation .

The basic nerve of all new  smartphone buyers rests on innovation .
The  cell markets are flooded with better players in android  arena. The samsung note 8 is a stunning example . Following are some new innovations that note8 has come up with which makes apple device a thing of the past :

 Infinite display : as they promised a stunning looking screen innocation .
 camera innovation : 12MP cameras on the back that both feature Optical Image Stabilisation.
 Additionally, the two sensors also feature Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology and Phase Detection Autofocus.

App innovation : pair of apps can be launched together,This feature opens both the apps in split screen mode, allowing you to do two tasks faster than ever before.

The deXdock : The dock caters full screen monitors and has been there for some time  . T…

AIRTEL 1399Rs 4g phone (Hidden 6000Rs cost)

লওঁতে ৩০০০টকা ভৰিব  ( ১৩৯৯/- এফেক্তিফ প্ৰাইচ মানে 3year refund আদিত চেভ হৈছে বুলি কিবা হিচাব) ৩ বছৰে ৬০০০টকাৰ ৰিচাৰ্জ কৰিবই লাগিব তাৰ পিছত ১৫০০/- ঘুৰাই দিব          কিন্তু একাউন্তলৈ নহয় ! পেমেন্ত ৱালেতলৈ হে  JUST TWO REASONS NOT TO BUY IT

Really looting 6000Rs for a bad karbonn phone .karbonn is a bad cellphone company . many defects in all devices  . They have tied to airtel to dump waste model to desi ciustomers . 

প্ৰথম হৈছে ফন কোৱালিতি  ই কাৰ্বনৰ নিম্ন মানৰ হেন্দচেত ... কিবাকে ৪জি কৰিছে । কাৰ্বন সকলো ফন লাখ দিফেক্ত ওলাই কম্পনি বন্ধ হৈ পৰিব ওলাইছে ।
 ১গিগাহাৰত্জ(1Ghz cpu) প্ৰচেচৰ ফন বোৰ ডাস্টবিনলৈ পেলাব ধৰিছে
 বাবে এয়াৰতেলে কুশলেেৰে সেই সোপা মানুহক বেছিবলে প্লেন কৰিছে ।

Really looting 6000Rs for 3 years plan that takes money a "must do " recharge! .This way the company is working no ethics just cheap tricks .  
জীয়ই(RELIANCE JIO) ৩০জিবি দৈনিক ডাটা দিউতে , এয়াৰতেলে
৩০জিবি প্লেন দিছিল । কিন্তু ৫০০ mb হে পেকত আছিল ..…

EXtract ceiling fan electricity for nice table lamp !

ceiling fans have a rotational energy that is wasted ... a feewsmalle magenets and coils can be used to extract that .

say we can extract 3watts from 70watt fan ....

that three watt is good for 7hours in SOHOJ LED lamp ( visit our group files section)