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মবাইলেই DSLR camera ?

Why suddenly two cameras ? 
Smartphone cameras are improving  slowly nowadays, I will say not as fast as the marketing pic shown 

 however they are bound to follow  hard physical limits. We all are aware of style conscious customers they will not go for thick phone . Modern cells have  constraints of  camera area a device that’s 7mm thick, and phone companies are looking for alternative means to keep improving. 
Approx in june 2016, LG and Huawei have led the new dual camera technology  new Android flagships , may be apple was buzy perfecting . 

দুটা কেমেৰা কিয় ?  
 কাৰন ফনৰ ৭মিমি জেগাত হাই প্ৰফাইল লেনচ চিচতেম , better sensor দিব নোৱাৰি    ।তাৰ বাবেই দুৱেল কেমেৰাৰে বহুগুন   উন্নত ইমাজ দিব পাৰিছে । 
 এই দুইকেমেৰাই দিয়া ইমেজক Hardware processingত একলগ কৰি এক ইমেজ ফাইল কৰি দিয়ে ।

 Introducing two very different dual-camera systems that nevertheless signal the direction that the entire industry is about to head in. Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is released  after perfecting  the same tech last year. One day soon, the cell cameras will be reaching close to bigger cams . 

How dual cameras work to give a better image ? 

  A combination of one monochrome and one color sensor captures three times the light of an ordinary camera, resulting in much better sharpness and clarity. 
  Wait the hardware trickery is  not applicable to all shots ! 

   the dual camera is more suitable for closeup images that carry the subject and few items . 
  So we can say the dual cam will give better value if u do 

  - many selfie shots 
 - groupies in closeup 
 - near field object capture ' 
 -probably documents capture in lower lit rooms 

 Is the extra cash worth the improvements ? 
 many a times yes if the total "extra" cost  is approx 30% than a single cam .  
 The dual cam cancels image noise effectively.. you can zoom this pic to go into details they capture . ( IT was captured by Huawei’s P9, yes a older phone but  leading the dualcam era as a start) 
Combined with mobile photography hacks you can  rock the pics segment .

 The  above is a PIC taken by Huawei P9 . 

If you look closer  iPhone’s volume buttons on the left — how they stand out from the speaker grille behind them — and the crisp definition of each icon label on the screen. This is the sort of performance that any 
 mobile (or even dedicated) cameracell owner can be proud of 

Hardware means nothing without good software, and the mobile companies have done remarkable work on that , the dual cams add the image data and make the flat and compatible image format  , in a blazingly fast way. 

The folllowing have dual cameras 
  1. Google Pixel XL. ...
  2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus. ...
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8. ...
  4. OnePlus 5. ...
  5. HTC M8 ...
  6. Honor 8 Pro. ...
  7. Huawei’s P9
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