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Home for everyone ! DIY enclosure for circuits

We at SELABs yet at proto stage , some protos have  been finalized but leaving the circuit naked and casing are two things .
 The casing is 30% extra task .
 Remember projects without box gets damaged or lost .

 You are an Engineer not a craftman so dont go buying all tools , dremels needed but cost Rs 4000 to 8000. For starters they are not a must .

 To make the DIY enclosure for circuits you will need

  1. Fasteners : 3 sizes 3mm//4mm length screw and nut pars : Buy a lot 
  2. Drill and file and hecksaw : these are tools of trade . drill are there in tolexo dot com for 600Rs Round and flat file needed too . 
  3.  A cheapo soldering to melt away plastic, A nail file to heat and cut plastic 
  4.  Acrylic cutters : in case making from acrylic , I recommend a acrylic cutter 100RS or so in amazon 
  Needed knobs and sockets to be bought in aliexpress , it is the  better way 
  dc sockets : 20Nos 
  plugs : 20 
  audio sockets and jack 20pair 
  Knobs 50
  3pdt _ for guitar padels 10Nox or 20 in Pack 

Tips to get the  perfect drills :

Use a paper ,  lay on the final pcb  ,mark the posotions . 
 Stick with favicol to case , it is much easier This way. 


  Its a physical labour intense task . The common cases DIY guys choose

  •  Tin cans _ very easy in so many online shops they are sold .
  •  Plastic switch boards cases - everywhere in INDIA can be procured
  • the die cast aluminium case :  they last lifetime , rugged , looks cool the aliexpress store is my favorite

     You can see the case that is pre drilled just 900Rs , takes 20days to deliver, due to india customs .

Here are SE_LABS Guitar padel in making . It is a distortion with better opAMP .

Without getting too technical, it’s basically a “dual switch ” distortion that allows you to toggle between 2 different gain settings in one pedal—pretty useful if you want to dial in a crunchy lead sound then punch up the gain for a heavier metal play back . All told, I’ve been having a ton of fun with this one proto padel  and recommend checking it out. well not of a player I am but  for my masochistic exhaustiveness, I’m going to build a similar project by the fine fellas at called the Double D (both use the same chip for a similar dual channel idea…)  and run tests .

The circuit here :


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