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BULBMAN , no kerosene

    Our country is amazing  , one way moon mission , smart phones   on the other side there are billions are using  age old kerosene lamps .  

Have you ever thought why  ?
The Chinese lights have not  been able to replace the traditional lamp .The vendors taking china lamp are eating poor people's money .

Considering to the fact that engineers only want to work in big companies
no one tries to reach the poor the main problem a usable light .There are solar light but no one is reliable , of lower cost .
#makeinAssam #diy #gaming #electronics
There are main problems in making a nice chargeable lamp .The lead battery lasts just 150 cycle and the case is another big cost incurred by the poor .

  We at SELABS have developed the bulb that takes USB or small solar and has a life of 4 years 
  On top cost is too low . Syska etc are seiing such bulb in 600Rs(GST RATE included)  , they charge via mains and use     cheapo battery .
 We have a quality product that is slightly lesser in cost and works well via USB eliminating exlosion   and cell damage 
 Thease will go to village to village in assam as a start and will make all keroscene lamp a thing of the past . 
 JOIN US  , we need supporters  innovators and investors . 

  PIC:first BULBMAN THAT run 5hours in SELABS Axom  lab setup . 


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