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the future unwraps on your hand !

Cell phones are many the  screen is one constraint that has not been addressed .
The flip phones has  dual screen but all hated the begels .
The flex OLEDS :: 
As the availability of consumer OLED-display products continues to expand, so have research efforts in future trends of the low-power, light-weight, and superior-viewing-enabled OLED technology. Bendable, rugged, and eventu-ally roll-out flexible OLED (FOLED) displays are actively being developed by numerous university and industry groups, taking advantage of the demonstrated flexibility of both small moleculel and polymer2 OLEDs. The key chal-lenges to be overcome for the realization of flexible active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays can be classified into three main categories: substrate/backplane development, OLED development, and OLED display lifetime. Substrate and backplane development are interrelated in that the backplane technology chosen will depend on the limitations (thermal, chemical, etc.) of the flexible substrate. …

SpaceX ElonMask , is building up inter-globe-travel : Newyork to Mumbai in 30Minutes

Elon Musk predicts rockets will one day have the capacity to fly individuals from New York to Shanghai in only 39 minutes.

Musk's organization, SpaceX, is building up a colossal shuttle to colonize Mars. It could likewise be utilized substantially nearer to home.

Talking at a space meeting in Australia on Friday, Musk said the organization had investigated applying the innovation to zooming individuals to better places on Earth in madly quick circumstances.

"The outcomes are very intriguing," he said as a video demonstrated a recreation of individuals boarding a rocket in New York that launched into space and afterward returned to arrive in Shanghai.

Related: Elon Musk is expecting to arrive spaceships on Mars in 2022

"The  most interesting thing about going to space is there's no contact, so once you're out of the air ... it'll be smooth as silk, there's no climate," Musk said.

Most voyages between focuses on this planet will take under 30 min…

Home for everyone ! DIY enclosure for circuits

We at SELABs yet at proto stage , some protos have  been finalized but leaving the circuit naked and casing are two things .
 The casing is 30% extra task .
 Remember projects without box gets damaged or lost .

 You are an Engineer not a craftman so dont go buying all tools , dremels needed but cost Rs 4000 to 8000. For starters they are not a must .

 To make the DIY enclosure for circuits you will need

Fasteners : 3 sizes 3mm//4mm length screw and nut pars : Buy a lot Drill and file and hecksaw : these are tools of trade . drill are there in tolexo dot com for 600Rs Round and flat file needed too .  A cheapo soldering to melt away plastic, A nail file to heat and cut plastic  Acrylic cutters : in case making from acrylic , I recommend a acrylic cutter 100RS or so in amazon    Needed knobs and sockets to be bought in aliexpress , it is the  better way    dc sockets : 20Nos    plugs : 20    audio sockets and jack 20pair    Knobs 50   3pdt _ for guitar padels 10Nox or 20 in Pack 
Tips t…

Mobile towers impact on human body


In 1994 , two cell towers were  installed on a five story apartment building in London. Residents complained of many health problems in the following years. Un expectedly Seven of them were diagnosed with cancer.This is marked as " cellphone tower of doom "

The Internet of Things (IoT) with ESP8266 - Part 1

The embedded designs have been gaining rapid acceptance in  smart homes . The world is a connected place now a days .
 The physical data is plugged to net via The Internet of Things (IoT) .

Physical data access embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity enabling data exchang The trend is , a little networked board is attached to a thing,or a item that has  special data . The  thing can be  lightbulbs, toasters, refrigerators, flower pots, watches, fans, planes, trains, automobiles, or anything else around you .

 So to get you the data on your nice HD screen of mobile we need a brain and a connection . So most IOT devices have these and associated memory and IO pins .
 Usually they are designed to fill a gap in the device i.e.control the thing according to USER and monitor . That can be a home based system and a office system or traffic related .
 The IOT is limitless  and most seeked after device domain among developers .

 Today we look at a  very powerful yet lo…

8 unbelievable things you never knew about Thinnest TV ever

Every one wants a thin TV , so tvs getting thinner . 
Can it be bodyless , just a paper sticker yet perform very well . 
 Not the LG guys gone insane 4K in just 2.5MM . Whooah . 
 makes me think it can be as sensitive as a flex glass .

১০টা কাম কৰিলে মবাইল বেয়া বা ৰিপিয়াৰলৈ যাব

10 things that make mobiles go for repair 

১)পানীৰ পৰা বচাই ৰাখা
-পানী কেবল বৰষুন নহয়, ঘৰত বেচিনত , কাপৰ পৰা , বটলৰ পৰাই পৰি সোমাব পাৰে পানীয়ে চাৰকিতৰ অংশজইন কৰে .. পাৱাৰ গলে ছিপ বা নানা অংশ দৰকাৰতকে বেছি ভল্তেজ পাই নষ্ট হৈ যায় ! ঘামৰ পৰাও সোমাব পাৰে পানী , ৰুমাল অাদিৰে মবাইল একেলগে নাৰাখিব । -- prevent water damage Water is one big killer for cells , water is not only from rain but spills of cup , bottle etc can damage 
২) কেচিঙ নহলে ছকেত / চেনচৰ বেয়া হয়
কেচ কভাৰ নকৰিলে , ধুলি আদিয়ে মবাইলত সোমাই ৰাসায়নিক ভাৱে ফনক নষ্ট কৰে চকেত ফিত কৰোতা কোম্পেনী চাৰ্ভিচত দিলে ১০০০টকাও যাব পাৰে । ---casing free cell phone use is prone to chips and damge of the outer as well as sockets as duct come in and as you insert the cable , the small copper lines damage 
 On top of that , the more exposed to air and moisture the internal circuits too get aging fast and more faults come in 
৩)স্ক্ৰিণ গাৰ্দ নহলে প্লাস্তিকৰ Guard কে গ্লাছ হলে স্ক্ৰিণ গাৰ্ড হলে ই প্ৰতেক্ত কৰে নহলে বেয়া হয় প্লাস্তিকৰ খনে স্ক্ৰেছ হে ৰক্ষা ক…

Hot mobile with GAMING মোৰ গেমিঙ চিচতেম

মোৰ গেমিঙ চিচতেম

Can you use android as gaming system in 2017?

Ans . yes , the new mobile GPUs are reaching a great level i terms of power .The new 3d games look much better in monitor and installation is easy .

Our advice get this gear :

   A Stunning HD monitor 19inch is fine    A compatible controller ( we recommend DRagon war controller )    USB OTG HDMI  cable 

 Getting a good gaming mobile , the price bracket has fallen , you just need < Rs 15,000/- 
 Here is a list of nice HD gamer cell phones

Adreno 506

Moto G5 Plus Mi A1:Xiaomi Redmi Note 4Adreno 530
Lenovo Z2 Plus:
Honor 8 Lite:Adreno 505

 buy 24inch BEnQ LED Full HD  monitor

Dragon war controller :AMAZON

The game controller is very high quality one , features

It has  the PS2 like features , and with internal chargeable battery . Works in 10-12meter range.

 Setup  :

 make cell phone fully charged   connect usb OTG  and monitor
 select the external console …

BUS with no tickets

৫০বছৰে সেই বাছ conductorক খুচুৰা দিয়া কাম চলিছে .... বাচ পেমেন্ত চিচিতেমবোৰ বনাওতে খৰচ হয় বাবে নবনায়... ফলত টেকনকজী ব্যৱহাৰ নহয়
পুৰনী কলিয়া চিচতেমেৰেই চলিচে হেচ থেলা খাই ,কেচ লেচ হলে কেনে হয় ? The Revolutionary MakeinAxom IDEA:: 
পুৱা প্ৰিপেইদ কাৰ্দ ললে (50/-)বাচ স্তপত .. বাচ সোমাওতে কত যাব সেই জেগাৰ টকা বুতাম প্ৰেচ কৰিলে
ধৰক ভাড়া ৬টকা ... তাত তেপ কৰক মানে কাৰ্দ চুই দিয়ক /ওপৰেৰে লৈ যাওক .. বিপ কৰিব মানে টকা কাতিলে
আন ভাড়া বাবে কন্দাক্তৰে ৰিমতেৰে ভাৰা চিলেক্ত কৰি দিলে ৮টকা / ১২ টকা /১৫টকা
কেচ লেচ কৰা সকলক অফাৰ ও দিলে ১৫০/- ললে ৩টা ভাড়া ফ্ৰি
সন্দিয়া দৰকাৰ পৰিলে , বাচ স্তপত গৈ বাকী ৰোৱা ধন ঘুৰালে বা কাৰ্দতে ৰাখিলে The  fraud  security ::
preventing misuse.. checker in buses :
ভুল ভাড়া দি বেছি দুৰ যোৱা সকলৰ কাৰ্দ চেকাৰে চেক কৰিব যত তত ... ধৰা পৰিলে ২০০০ফাইন

Why this is so cheap system  yet very very useful: আৰদুইন হৈছে প্ৰচেচৰ বৰ্ড যত সকলো সহজে বনাব পাৰি . .BAREBOAR ARDUINO বনালে ১২০/-মানতে কৰি লব পাৰে ...
ইয়াৰে মেই ৰিদাৰ বনাইছোঁ... ইয়াৰ ৰিচিভাৰ কইল সৰল তাত কন মান চাৰকিত লগাই কাৰ্দ সমুহ ৰি…

Battery-less Mobile Technology..the future of cellphone

Here is  a cellphone that  harvests the  ambient energy . What is the Ambient energy? We have a blanket of RF energy surrounded by so many cell towers

Harvesting energy from the environment,is the way to go for future cellphones 
But the cell phones cant be created just by an antenna and signals from it , researchers at University of Washington have their own way to  do that digital communication .

“We’ve built what we believe is the first functioning cellphone that consumes almost zero power,” said co-author Shyam Gollakota
Converting analog signals that to have corresponding  data that a phone can understand consumes so much energy that it’s been impossible to design a phone that can rely on ambient power sources.

They have developed a special way that  takes advantage of tiny vibrations in a phone’s microphone or speaker that occur when a person is talking into a phone.
To transmit speech, the phone uses vibrations from the device’s microphone to encode speech patterns in the reflected …

BULBMAN , no kerosene

Our country is amazing  , one way moon mission , smart phones   on the other side there are billions are using  age old kerosene lamps .  
Have you ever thought why  ?
The Chinese lights have not  been able to replace the traditional lamp .The vendors taking china lamp are eating poor people's money .

Considering to the fact that engineers only want to work in big companies
no one tries to reach the poor the main problem a usable light .There are solar light but no one is reliable , of lower cost .
#makeinAssam #diy #gaming #electronics
There are main problems in making a nice chargeable lamp .The lead battery lasts just 150 cycle and the case is another big cost incurred by the poor .

  We at SELABS have developed the bulb that takes USB or small solar and has a life of 4 years    On top cost is too low . Syska etc are seiing such bulb in 600Rs(GST RATE included)  , they charge via mains and use     cheapo battery .  We have a quality product that is slightly lesser in cost and …

Make a website free , video tutorial

#makeinAssam #diy #gaming #electronics

মবাইলেই DSLR camera ?

Why suddenly two cameras ?  Smartphone cameras are improving  slowly nowadays, I will say not as fast as the marketing pic shown 
 however they are bound to follow  hard physical limits. We all are aware of style conscious customers they will not go for thick phone . Modern cells have  constraints of  camera area a device that’s 7mm thick, and phone companies are looking for alternative means to keep improving.  Approx in june 2016, LG and Huawei have led the new dual camera technology  new Android flagships , may be apple was buzy perfecting . 

=== দুটা কেমেৰা কিয় ?    কাৰন ফনৰ ৭মিমি জেগাত হাই প্ৰফাইল লেনচ চিচতেম , better sensor দিব নোৱাৰি    ।তাৰ বাবেই দুৱেল কেমেৰাৰে বহুগুন   উন্নত ইমাজ দিব পাৰিছে ।   এই দুইকেমেৰাই দিয়া ইমেজক Hardware processingত একলগ কৰি এক ইমেজ ফাইল কৰি দিয়ে ।
===  Introducing two very different dual-camera systems that nevertheless signal the direction that the entire industry is about to head in. Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is released  after perfecting  the same t…

0-100% in 20seconds! Fast mobile charge technology

মবাইল ৰাতি চাৰ্জ দিলে , বিপদ? জুই ( is full night mobile charging dangerous)

মোবাইলত ২০০০০/- বা তাতকে কমৰ ধন  দিছে   ,বেয়া নহবলে সকলো উপায় / সাৱধানতা লৈহে এৰিব ।  গোটেই ৰাতি লগাই ৰাখিলে কিবা বেয়া হব ?  সকলোৱে মবাইল লৈছে কিন্তু তাৰে কোনো কোনো মেনুৱেল বা আনটো   কৈ দিয়া নাথাকে  সেই এক বিষয় চাৰ্জিং 
বহুতেই ভাৱে জুই লাগিব পাৰে : 
Block diagram চালে দেখিব বেতেৰী চিচতেমত নান  অংশ তাৰে মেইন হৈছে  Battery temperature detector  কিবা কাৰনত বেতেৰী হিত হৈ পৰিলে ,  ই ৰক্ষা কৰে 
#makeinAssam #diy #gaming #electronics

বেতেৰী বেয়া হব নেকি ? 
 - ডায়েগ্ৰামত power management voltage control system  দেখিছে ই ফুল হলেই কাত কৰি  ৰাখে তাৰ বাবে আশংকা কৰিবই নালাগে 
FACEBOOKত ছেয়াৰ কৰি আন ১০০০জনকো কৈ দিব ছোন! 

2017 Fresher jobs Job title : Manufacturing Engineer I New College Graduate - (E1)-1704901

Company :Applied materials
Description :
Manufacturing Engineer I New College Graduate - (E1)-1704901
Apply email :

Java IVR Developer
Job title : Manufacturing Engineer I New College Graduate - (E1)-1704901
Company:Infosys India Software

why not reduce powercuts this way!

কলেজৰ প্ৰজেক্ত কৰোতে ডাস্টবিনত পেলোৱা ধৰনৰ নকৰি ...  জৰুৰি কিবা সমাধান কৰিবলৈ কৰিব লাগে ।

Problem: আমি প্ৰায়ে দেখো বৰষুন আহিলেই পাৱাৰ কাত কৰে । ... তাৰ পিছত ২-৩-৩০বাৰ অন অফ কৰি চায় জন সমুহ থিকে আছেনে ....
গ্ৰাহকৰ হাঁহ নচৰা অৱস্থা বাৰে বাৰে কাৰেন্ট কাতে  ।
Can we avoid that 1920 age system with electronics?
yes.. a new concept zonal check sensors কৰবাত লাইন ফল্টআছে নেকি প্ৰতিচেনচৰে চেল check কৰিব অাৰু মেইন চেন্টাৰলে দাতা দিব ইলেক্ত্ৰিকেল তাৰেৰেই
মেইন চেন্টাৰে দাতা বিচাৰি চিগনেল দিব কথা হল এনে চিচতেমৰ চেনচৰে পাৱাৰ কৰ পৰা লব ... ছলাৰ আদিৰ উপৰি ছুপাৰ কেপাচিতৰ বেংক লাগিব পাৰে with 160hour backup.super cap can charge morethan 1.5lakh time so endless life
সকলো জ'নত এক স্মাৰ্ত চেনচৰ বক্চ লগাব ... ই নানা প্ৰকাৰে মেইন পাৱাৰ নোহোৱাকেই চেক কৰি চেন্ত্ৰেল অফিচত কব ... ইলেক্ত্ৰিকেল বিভাগ বাইক লৈ ৰাউন্দ মাৰা দৰকাৰ নাই। কত ফেইল হৈছে গমেই পাব

How to make ZONAL SENSOR ?

Arduino UNO based current sensing
দিয়াই আছে তলৰ ফটোত , এইটোক লগাই ললেই কব পাৰিব ZONE OK? FAULT  ... কেউতা RFLINKৰে চাৰ্ভাৰত লাগিব 
বৰষুন …

Sim Power ,SOLAR Power bank পকেততেই যাদু

মবাইলৰ বেতেৰিত ১০০০মিলি এম্প পাৱাৰ থাকে ! কিবাকে বাহিৰত চাৰজ কৰিলে ৰবাটেই হওঁক বা নানা চাৰকিতৰ পাৱাৰ দিব পাৰি 
চাৰকিত হৈvoltage protected chargerছে চাৰ্কিত
You can use USB 5v  charger , but there is danger of exlosion, as the output of these devices is not tightly regulated to 5v. If you carefully measure and observe the output, you can see it going to 6v or more. So, I think you could use a zener-transistor circuit like this for your purpose.Adapting to 5v solar panel is 

সচ্চ ভাৰত , সচ্চ যাত্ৰী(Swachh Bharat Mission sanitation systems)

ছলাৰ ছেনিতেচন বৰ দৰকাৰী :
Swachh BharatMissionত সকলোতকে দৰকাৰ Auto clean Toiletৰ আছিল  নকৰিলে , অসমৰে ডেকা সকলে বনাই দেখাব পাৰে ছোন ! 
এই পষ্টত নিজে ডিজাইন কৰা  ৩ মটৰ চিচতেম তোক বনাব সৰল , ই পাৰফেক্ত কাম কৰে .. পেনেল সকলো অনলাইনৰ ছপতে পায় । 

বজাৰৰ চিচতেম বোৰ বৰ দামী .. This a makeInaxom project . The system  will use 1)compact  3 dc motor as PUMP with ir sensor modules
2)800Rs solar panel
3)joule thief LED cost of devlopment <3000Rs
সচ্চ ভাৰতৰ মিচনত এই চিচতেম লগাইদিলে বহুত ৰাইজ সেই দুৰ্গন্ধময় PUBLIC TOILET ৰ পৰা হাত সাৰিব how does it wrk ই কি কৰে M3 য়ে তেংক ফুল কৰে বাকেতৰ পৰা ....
তে্ংকৰ পৰা কন মান পাম্পএ ভাল্বৰ দৰে কাম কৰি পানী ধালে .... কেইতা চেনচৰ IR based ত্ৰিগাৰ হয় each pump switch on for 20seconds

Super "Power" the sun shines(2):million times

Here we are starting  innovation revolution  in assam ! 

 Innovation always relates to small small know how that add up to impact milllion times . 

 Can we make a solar security system, that runs forever ? 
 yes we can , but most systems need a 'battery replacement' 
 and  we always have to change battery after 200cycle 

 also many systems need wiring ! who wants to wire up house with 6 pairs of wire for 6sensors 

So most viable item for a lifetime charge discharge is super capacitor . As name suuggested the supercaps are huge capacity capacitors like 1000times more but have same size as normal caps . 

 The circuit 

 Circuit :: 
 Its a current limited SOLAr circuit ? the 15ohm 1watter is a limiter like 180mA current 
 other wise circuit make dead short if the supercap is there  , that way the solar panel do not  burn out . 
 A alternate current limiter is this CCS 

 diode does a minimal voltage drop. and prevents power flow on the reverse 

 for MCU with standby pin , the circuit 2 is enou…