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My journey from that Musical bell to embedded , audiosystems and SELABS

Okey ! No more long long posts i will convey this as  bullet points

 Me  At school :

 A science explorer , as mother was serving as lecturer in physics  she brought that curiosity to my mind  to experiment and so mind is formulated

while in class 7 we were on a trip  in rajasthan and my pocket video game fell down .. the loved toy of the schoolboy and the  world of circuits have welcomed me . Initially I was deeply moved by sunibarmans book

Engineering and beyond

  1.  projects , audio deck , others projects i used to do 
  2. critical ideas tested  LASER IO system and Powerline data transmitter .. felt myself capabble .. The power line unit used 22khz , a emergency light ferrite xforemr to inject  data as modulated frequency and PLL to detect .  Well it used to print junk char every 3 words or so and was fun built 
  3. made a Auto of casste deck : play songs , the deck cuts off 220V when cassate is over fun and fun 
The steps to EFY articles and Embedded days
in 2002 i have shifted to DELHI where my  EFY (electronics for you ) articles were accepted . became author , slowly i jumped to IT career and started reseaching AUDIO systems

The career path took me to banglore worked with INTEL , NETAPP , STmicroelectronics
On my spare time I was  making good audio DIY parallely indian audio forum hifivision i was a regular DIY guy .

in 2014 december met with accident and i was on bed and "sohoj electronics" started realizing life is short and we have to do remarkable work atleast on some field .

Now daily spare time i am devoting to full fill a dream of ELECTROINICS INDUSTRY IN ASSAM
!SELABS is the start of a big change ... i am sure we few can lead the way and billlions will follow.

2017 i have created first ASSAMSE circuits and tech   channel on youtube .
you can search it with "SOHOJE"  on youtube .


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