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Slave robot ? that do not look like robot

Cleaning your house is one repetitive work that your wife does , maid does but now robos will do that.

It is not new technology but it is becoming fast popular ....these robots have special features 
ৰবটে ঘৰ  চাফা দিব পৰা হৈছে ... 
পত্নীৰ কামও কৰি দিব .. এইবোৰ ভাৰতএমাজন ত for sale 
দিছে ....

  •  ইয়াত ভেকুৱাম , জাৰু , অটমেতিক চেনচৰ , ৩৮০০মিলি বেতেৰী আদিৰে ফিত কৰি দিয়ে । ই নিজেই ৰুমত ঘুৰি ধুলি লেতেৰা চাফ কৰিব । 

  • নানা মদেলত মবাইলেৰে কাম দিয়া ব্যৱস্থাও  কৰি দিছে ! 
  • ই বেতেৰী কমিলে নিজ চাৰ্জাৰলৈ নিজে যায় .... 

কেতামান অসুৱিধা 

  • -  চুক কান নোৱাৰে চাফ কৰিব ,
  • - লেগ বা চকী বেছি থকা জেগাত নোৱাৰে , 
এক ৰুমত ১ক ৰবত লাগে  !
  1. Obstacle detection sensing limit switch at the front.that makes it to turn back and go other areas . 
  2. Infrared detector for checking carpets and bumpy obstacles and docking station.
  3. Wheel drop sensor. and auto charge itself program 
  4. Lithium metal-hydride rechargeable battery pack (14.4 volts and 3600mAH etc are in thrend ). This is light and looong lasting 
  5. treaded wheels provide extra traction on smooth floors and help to prevent tufts from carpets and rugs snagging in the wheels.
  6. Electric motor powers vacuum inside .
  7. Handle for removable dust bin.
  8. Wheel sub-assembly.
  9. Self-contained brush mechanism.
  10. Electric motor powered brush brooms !!! 
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