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power out and backup systems

An inverter is a daily used household device create an un-interrupted on 220V AC or 110V AC (the AC voltage depends upon the line voltage of the specific nation) supply to the gadget associated as alternate power to main  socket.The inverter gives consistent AC voltage at its peak hours with auto turning on when the AC mains control supply isn't accessible.
The modern inverters work very silently and there are very few indications .
 The SUKAM , luminous ,Microtek etc companies have dominated this segment .

 Every year crore profit is taken out from ASSAM just because we do not have engineers who will join hands to create a makeINaxom inverter prduct line . 

To learn Operation of the inverters we will  consider the the TWO circumstances.

  1. At the point when the AC mains control supply is accessible.
  2. At the point when the AC mains control supply is NOT accessible

At the point when the AC mains control supply is accessible.

At the point when the AC mains supply is available,the AC mains sensor detects it and the supply goes to the Relay and battery charging area of the AC principle sensor acts as a hand-off and this hand-off will specifically pass the AC mains supply to the load socket.The load will by driven by the line voltage in this situation.Also the line voltage is given to the battery charging segment where the line voltage is applied the charger charges via to a DC voltage circuit (12 V DC or 24 V DC usually),then manage and battery condition so that the battery is ready for a backup power session

At the point when the AC mains control supply isn't available

At the point when the AC mains control supply isn't available,an oscillator circuit inside the inverter delivers a 50Hz MOS drive signal.. MOSFETs or Transistors are utilized for the exchanging operation.These MOSFETs or Transistors are associated with the essential winding lines of the inverter transformer.MOSFETS switch  between ON and OFF states at a rate of 50 Hz.This  activity of the MOSFETs or Transistors cause a 50 Hz supply to the boost part of the inverter transformer.
There are huge number od ways to make the 12V to  220V ... some common inverters use PWM .

This brings about a 220 V AC or 110 V AC (maintained via voltage feedback circuit that corrects voltage  upon the load proportion change  on the other side of the inverter transformer) at the auxiliary or the inverter transformer. This extra very small voltage taken by the   changeover transfer circuits and protection circuits .
What is sine wave inverter

  • They make almost same sine AC as main line , FAN etc dont make noise 
  • They are more costlier 
  • SAD part is they are LESS efficient ! so think before you buy 

What is digital inverter ?

Well that is a marketing term , Inverter is analog device and if designed well the analog performs well .But adding digital controller to handle lot issues like OVERLOAD ,PWM software generation , over charge OFF , dead battery , SHORT circuit etc . makes it much cheaper to make  .

Robotization in an Inverter.

Inverter contains different circuits to consequently detect and handle different circumstances that may happen when the inverter is running or in standby.This machine segment takes care of conditions, for example, overload,over heat,low battery,over charge etc.Respective of the circumstance, the computerization segment may change the battery to charging mode or turn OFF


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MakeINAxom is a dream that will shine Assam and NE Region .....
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The key points of MakeinAxom Industry 
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