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স্পিকাৰ নাই 99% screen ? 2017 technology

Xiaomi Mi Mix was reportedly an initial concept phone . However , with the huge interest and praises it received , the tech giant decided to make it part of their consumer line .

The borderless concept of the Xiaomi Mi MIX has huge attraction .

People  wanted more screen not much speaker grills and this peaked the interest for the said gadget . 

The Xiaomi Mi MIX is not 100% borderless , but among all the gadgets in the market right now , it is the leading one when it comes to aspect ratio display . With a whooping 91 .3% of display space , Xiaomi Mi MIX boasts of an almost all-screen display gadget . 

Xiaomi Mi MIX : How the sound comes out without speaker holes 

Well we all hold the cell close to our ears .and here the ceramic drive plays it part

এই ছামি মবাইলত কোনো স্পিকাৰ নাই কেনেকে কাম কৰে ? 
ইয়াত পিজো দ্ৰাইভ আছে , ই নিজ বদিকে স্পিকাৰ কৰি অদিঅ দিব পাৰে 

গ্ৰাহকে ইমান ভাল পোৱা নাই কিন্তু ই দেখাত স্টাইলিছ সেইবাবে ,ইয়াক বহুতে লৈছে 

The 6 .4 inch display is complemented with a 2040×1080 pixel display . It is also framed by thin yet sturdy bezels which makes the Xiaomi Mi MIX look sleek and elegant . The thinness of the gadget might pose as a problem for users who are always on the go . 


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